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Concrete Mixed On Site – The Better Option

When you’re looking for small loads of concrete in the Brisbane area take a look at the Mini Mix Concrete alternative from SiteMix. Waste is often a big factor when using concrete, especially on the smaller jobs. A regular mini mix service would batch up a fixed amount of concrete and taxi it to site in a truck with a spinning bowl. Because of this you have to work out exactly how much concrete you will need and then add a safety factor, if you fall short in can cost a fortune to get another truck sent out. Some contractors will add as much as 25% extra on some smaller orders.

The SiteMix Mobile Concrete Difference

SiteMix is part of Volumetric Concrete Australia (VCA) who are leading experts in concrete batching solutions. Using smaller truck mounted mobile batching units means very accurate small quantities of concrete can be made with zero waste. Rather than having to send waste concrete back to the plant, and pay expensive disposal fee’s the mobile mixer is just turned off when you have enough concrete. It’s that easy.

Unlike some other mobile batching equipment the SiteMix Mobile mixers can batch a wheel barrow of concrete in as little as 10 seconds with a total production rate of up to 50 m3 per hour. Don’t let that put you off if you need to work a little slower. The mixer can just pause production in between wheel barrows or just stop every few minutes to give you time to catch up.

SiteMix has an in house team of engineers and technical experts with combined experience of over 150 years in the concrete and civil industries. All of this knowledge and experience is focused on providing the best possible mini mix concrete service around Brisbane and Brisbane South. Great concrete isn’t just luck, It’s a science.

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The Benefits of Our Mini Mix Concrete Alternative

By ordering from SiteMix you can eliminate expensive concrete disposal charges of up to $100 for .1 cubic metre. Delivery from a mobile mixer also reduces the risk of under ordering because the unit will usually be carrying enough materials to make more concrete than you have ordered. If you underestimated we just keep going until you have enough. Simple. Our team is very proud of our commitment to customer service, if you need a hand running a wheel barrow or two, we are more than happy to help out.

We also offer our On-Time guarantee on all orders with 24 hours notice.

Placing your concrete order

Ordering concrete is as easy as 1,2,3.

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Preparing for your concrete delivery

Prepare the base and form work to size and depth. Sand or crusher dust is a perfect bedding material for your new concrete slab. A depth of 100 mm is the recommended minimum and all concrete slabs should include some form of reinforcing mesh. It might be worth checking with your local council about what is required.

Well over half of the deliveries made go over the original estimate. This is mainly due to the slabs being deeper than expected. To accurately measure the depth of the entire slab run a string line between the edge boards and measure down to the ground. The beauty of batching on site rather than using a regular mini mix concrete service is that make as little or as much concrete as you like, so you really don’t need to stress to much about whether your measurements are spot on.

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